Pro Elinvoima Oy

Vision and business idea

Our vision is "to support an active way of life through health and well-being". In line with our business idea, we "offer our customers high-quality dietary supplements via home delivery and at such an affordable price that as many people as possible can buy them". 

We work hard in order to provide supplements that are irrefutably and scientifically proven to yield positive results.  This means that we must create good conditions for our operations: we regularly collaborate with experts in the field, we develop our products in cooperation with a noteworthy Finnish manufacturer of pharmaceuticals and supplements, and we produce in large lots. Our vision goes deeper than just minimising production costs; we wish to focus on the supplements' quality and reliability in our manufacturing process. We want to provide top-quality supplements for everyone to support their active lifestyles.
Pro Elinvoima Oy
PL 29
38201 Sastamala, Finland
Business ID: 2601789-8